James Hardie® offers a wide range of cost-effective and efficient solutions for fire-protection and construction engineering solutions for industrial and OEM applications.

The board materials and accessory products can be further processed in a variety of ways. Naturally, we support our partners in solving their individual requirements with our competence and experience.

Possible areas of application are demanding and versatile:

  • Infill panels and substrates for fire doors and gates
  • Fire-protection inlays for metal construction elements and concrete reinforcements
  • Fire-barrier elements in façade systems
  • Insulation panels for fire dampers and hatches
  • Insulation boards for safety containers
  • Fixing boards for front-wall installations
  • Protection boards for exterior insulation and finishing systems
  • Isolators and inserts for fire-protection profiles

Aestuver® products and systems naturally comply with all relevant national or European and international type approvals:

  • ETA – European Technical Approvals
  • IMO – International Maritime Organization

National application documents (for example in Germany):

  • abP – General Building Code Test Certificates
  • abZ – National Technical Approvals
  • Expert Opinions
A DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system ensures that all stages of the manufacturing process are closely monitored. Every product has to pass several tests during manufacture, and compliance with quality standards is carefully documented. Constant process and machinery optimisation guarantee production with the highest quality standards.

James Hardie is your competent partner.

We offer the following solutions and services:


Even complex elements, or elements consisting of small pieces can be easily produced.


Duct elements and fitting pieces are assembled with high dimensional precision


Large-scale production on CNC machines ith guaranteed precision.


CNC centre for high-precision and fast processing.

Aestuver Tx® fire-protection board

Träger und Stützenbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem ETA 110458

Trägerbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem DIN 4102

Trägerbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem ETA 110458

Stützenbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem DIN 4102