Aestuver® is one of the leading brands in structural fire protection and also offers a wide range of products for bulkheads and fire protection joints.

Aestuver® fire protection panels

Thanks to the special performance features of Aestuver® fire protection panels, constructions are offered for all application categories in interior and exterior areas that provide planners, fabricators, building owners and later occupants or users of the buildings with the required safety.

Aestuver® fire protection panels

Aestuver® fire protection panels are universally applicable. The comprehensive solution portfolio offers, among other things:
  • Fire protection cladding for supporting structures, wall and ceiling constructions
  • Fire protection panels for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts
  • Fire protection cable duct systems
  • Solutions for the safe design of escape and rescue routes
  • Systems for fire protection bulkheads and joints
  • Solutions for special constructions
  • Protection of concrete structures in underground transport systems against increased temperature stress in existing buildings as well as in new construction projects

Aestuver® construcions

Aestuver® offers various solutions for ceiling constructions with its high-performance fire protection panels. Both for stand-alone suspended ceilings and for trapezoidal steel ceilings and ceilings in connection with raw ceilings. We also have various solutions for assembly walls, steel truss walls and shaft walls. You can find the corresponding constructions here:


JamesHardie® offers holistic solutions for preventive structural fire protection. Therefore, fire protection products in the form of systems are also part of the programme. In the event of a fire, cable systems can be damaged, causing not only dense smoke damage but also highly toxic gases. Within minutes, this can turn escape and rescue routes into a deadly trap. In addition, the work of the rescue forces is made more difficult or even impossible.

To ensure that manufacturers of components and systems also meet the high fire protection requirements for this case, James Hardie offers the following solutions with Aestuver®:
  • Fire protection trunking for encapsulating the fire load (I trunking)
  • Fire protection cable trunking for function maintenance (E trunking)
  • Partitioning system

Aestuver® Electrical constructions

Find constructions for fire protection cable duct systems and Aestuver® bulkheading systems here.

Aestuver® fire protection cable duct systems

Aestuver™ Standard                                                                                                  Aestuver™ Exclusive

The Aestuver™ Fire Protection Cable Duct System Standard consists of ready-to-install duct sections for direct wall and ceiling mounting. The cable duct consists of a factory prefabricated duct base and a duct cover.

  • Fire protection cable duct I 30 to I 120 according to DIN 4102, part 11 for encapsulation of the fire load in escape and rescue routes
  • Fire protection cable duct E 30 to E 120 according to DIN 4102, part 12 for functional maintenance of the electrical system.

  • Delivery ready for assembly
  • Simple installation due to butt joint technology
  • Individual adaptation to construction site conditions possible (no moulded parts required)

The Aestuver™ Fire Protection Cable Duct System Exclusive consists of factory prefabricated straight duct sections and fittings and is supplied ready for installation or manufactured on site.

  • Fire protection cable duct I 30 to I 120 according to DIN 4102, Part 11 for encapsulation of the fire load in escape and rescue routes.
  • Fire protection cable duct E 30 to E 120 in accordance with DIN 4102, Part 12 for the functional maintenance of the electrical system.


  • Ready-to-install fire protection cable duct system or as construction site production
  • Prefabricated fittings such as T-pieces, bends, crosspieces, reducers, adaptors, etc. available
  • 1-, 2- or 3-sided versions also possible.

Aestuver® fire protection cable ducts

Fire protection trunking for fire load encapsulation (I trunking)

  • Aestuver® installation trunkings prevent the transmission of fire from the inside to the outside and protect the surrounding rooms such as escape and rescue routes (fire load containment). A spread to e.g. ceiling cavities is prevented. These cable ducts are tested according to DIN 4102-11.  

Fire protection cable ducts for function maintenance (E ducts)

  • Aestuver® fire protection cable ducts for function maintenance ensure that in the event of a fire, no fire penetrates the duct from the outside and the temperatures inside remain low. This ensures that no short circuit occurs or the power supply is interrupted. These cable ducts are tested according to DIN 4102-12.

Aestuver® penetration seal systems

Aestuver® partitioning systems are used to make penetrations through wall and ceiling components fire-proof. These room-enclosing, fire-resistant cable ducts prevent the spread of fire.

Aestuver® offers:

  • Aestuver™ combination penetration seals 
  • Aestuver™ cable penetration seals 
  • Aestuver™ pipe penetration seals

Joint systems from Aestuver®

The targeted planning of expansion or movement joints in the structure can prevent constraining forces from occurring and damaging the structure. These joints between building components must be sealed with flexible materials. These absorb the movement of the joints, ensure their closure and the maintenance of fire resistance. AESTUVER offers high-performance fire protection joint systems for this purpose.




Aestuver™ expansion joint M

The Aestuver™ fire protection compound is an elastic RTV-1 silicone mixed with halogen-free fire protection additives. It is mainly used in areas where it needs to absorb expansion or deformation and then return to its original shape. It is also highly weather resistant, so it is often used in outdoor or wet areas, such as joints in wet rooms.

The Aestuver™ fire protection compound can:
  • as a sealant for fire protection joints between solid building components up to a fire resistance class EI 180 and
  • as cable penetration seals up to fire resistance class EI 120.

System components:
  • AESTUVER fire protection compound, cartridge (article number: 8061011) or Aestuver™ fire protection compound, foil tube (article number: 8061020).

Aestuver™ Expansion Joint B

The Aestuver™ expansion joint tape is an intumescent polyurethane foam with halogen-free fire protection additives. This insulating layer-forming building material is used for the fire protection retrofitting of joints in ceilings and walls in building construction. In addition, AESTUVER expansion joint tape is used to seal fire protection joints in walls and ceilings to meet fire resistance requirements up to EI 120 in accordance with ETA-12/0119.

System components:
  • AESTUVER expansion joint tape, diameter: 16 - 80 mm (article number: 8061012 - 8061019).


You can find the accessories for the Aestuver® fire protection panels for our constructions here:
Fire protection precautions must be taken so that in the event of a fire, nobody is damaged by fire and smoke and material damage can be contained. To this end, the overriding objectives of fire protection according to §14 MBO 2002 must be observed: "Structural installations must be arranged, erected, modified and maintained in such a way as to prevent the occurrence of a fire and the spread of fire and smoke (spread of fire) and, in the event of a fire, rescue of people and animals and effective extinguishing work are possible.

To ensure these objectives, four key fire safety building blocks are linked:
  • Structural fire protection
  • Plant fire protection
  • Defensive fire protection
  • Organizational fire protection

In the field of structural fire protection, concrete requirements arise from the respective legal regulations (state building regulations) with regard to:
  • the flammability of the building material,
  • the fire resistance duration of the components,
  • the tightness of the closures of openings and
  • the arrangement, location and design of escape and rescue routes.
Mounting wall

Mounting wall
  • Classification: F 90-A / F 120-A
  • Assembly and steel framework walls
Shaft wall

Shaft wall
  • Classification: F 90-A
  • Solutions with and without substructure possible
Steel component (girder / support)​

Steel component (girder / support)
  • Classification:
    • national: F 30-A to F 180-A
    • European: R 15 to R 240
  • Dimensioning options for design temperatures: 350 °C to 750 °C
  • project-specific calculation with online planner
Suspending Ceiling

Suspending Ceiling
  • Classification: F 60-A to F 90-A independent suspended ceilings,
  • Type II/III ceilings and self-supporting ceiling systems
  • Solutions for fire exposure from above and below
Trapezoidal steel sheet ceiling

Trapezoidal steel sheet ceiling
  • Classification: F 30-A to F 120-A
  • statically freely dimensionable
Concrete reinforcement

Concrete reinforcement
  • Classification: F 30-A to F 240-A
  • Reinforcement of walls and ceilings made of steel or pre stressed concrete
  • Coating with plaster and reinforcement systems possible

James Hardie® sees itself as a provider of holistic system solutions: from planning to processing and beyond. We will be happy to advise you on how to make your project a success. Contact our project team now.