Aestuver® is one of the leading brands in structural fire protection and also offers a wide range of products for bulkheads and fire protection joints.

Fire protection precautions must be taken so that in the event of a fire, nobody is damaged by fire and smoke and material damage can be contained. To this end, the overriding objectives of fire protection according to §14 MBO 2002 must be observed: "Structural installations must be arranged, erected, modified and maintained in such a way as to prevent the occurrence of a fire and the spread of fire and smoke (spread of fire) and, in the event of a fire, rescue of people and animals and effective extinguishing work are possible.

To ensure these objectives, four key fire safety building blocks are linked:
  • Structural fire protection
  • Plant fire protection
  • Defensive fire protection
  • Organizational fire protection

In the field of structural fire protection, concrete requirements arise from the respective legal regulations (state building regulations) with regard to:
  • the flammability of the building material,
  • the fire resistance duration of the components,
  • the tightness of the closures of openings and
  • the arrangement, location and design of escape and rescue routes.
Mounting wall

Mounting wall
  • Classification: F 90-A / F 120-A
  • Assembly and steel framework walls
Shaft wall

Shaft wall
  • Classification: F 90-A
  • Solutions with and without substructure possible
Steel component (girder / support)​

Steel component (girder / support)
  • Classification:
    • national: F 30-A to F 180-A
    • European: R 15 to R 240
  • Dimensioning options for design temperatures: 350 °C to 750 °C
  • project-specific calculation with online planner
Suspending Ceiling

Suspending Ceiling
  • Classification: F 60-A to F 90-A independent suspended ceilings,
  • Type II/III ceilings and self-supporting ceiling systems
  • Solutions for fire exposure from above and below
Trapezoidal steel sheet ceiling

Trapezoidal steel sheet ceiling
  • Classification: F 30-A to F 120-A
  • statically freely dimensionable
Concrete reinforcement

Concrete reinforcement
  • Classification: F 30-A to F 240-A
  • Reinforcement of walls and ceilings made of steel or pre stressed concrete
  • Coating with plaster and reinforcement systems possible

Board materials and accessories can be used in many different ways. With our team of highly experienced application technology and R&D engineers we are happy to assist our partners in developing solutions to suit their individual needs.

Aestuver Tx® fire-protection board

Träger und Stützenbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem ETA 110458

Trägerbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem DIN 4102

Trägerbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem ETA 110458

Stützenbekleidung mit AESTUVER Brandschutzplatten gem DIN 4102