Importance of ventilation concepts

When buildings are used, ventilation and thus the exchange of "used" air is becoming increasingly important. This is because the used air in buildings in which people live or work has to be regularly replaced by fresh air.

Whereas in the past the natural exchange of air or window ventilation often led to this exchange, intelligent ventilation concepts are required in the course of energy-efficient building planning and the changed use of buildings. The building envelopes become denser and the individual functional layers in the exterior components are optimised to meet the building physics requirements. Thus, within the framework of ventilation concepts - supported by special ventilation systems - the required air exchange is regulated across all areas of use.


Importance of ventilation concepts

In the event of a fire in residential or non-residential buildings (e.g. commercial buildings, special buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes or schools), ventilation ducts must be fireproof so that no hot gases or smoke can enter other areas instead of the supply or exhaust air. A fire-resistant or non-flammable design prevents the spread and significantly reduces the fire hazards.
Systematic fire protection from Aestuver

Systematic fire protection

Holistic fire protection begins with planning and can save lives and protect material assets through expert detail coordination of all parties involved. Aestuver® is one of the leading brands in structural fire protection and, with the Aestuver® Lx fire protection panel, also offers high-performance fire protection for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, both horizontal and vertical.


The Aestuver® Lx fire protection boards convince thanks to the following properties:

conform to guidelines

Tested according to European guidelines for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, the Aestuver® Lx fire protection board far exceeds German requirements.

weather resistance

The cement-bonded lightweight concrete panels are weather-, frost- and water-resistant and therefore also suitable for use in building components that have to meet high climatic requirements.

material surface

Very smooth material surface enables the use for supply air systems.

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