Fire protection board TX

Cement-bonded, glass-fiber reinforced lightweight concrete board to protect concrete structures in underground transport systems against higher thermal stress.

  • Areas of application: For independently fixed tunnel cladding in new construction projects as well as existing structures


Apparent density ρk (dry) approx. 680 – 800 kg/m³
Flexural strength (based on EN 12467 ±10%) 1) ≥ 1.5 N/mm²
Extension / shrinkage reaction to changes in RH of air of 30% (20°C) (in accordance with EN 318) ± 0.1%
Equilibrium moisture at 65% RH of air and 20°C air temp. (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12570) 1) approx. 5%
Alkalinity (pH value) approx. 10
Bending elasticity modulus in N/mm² (based on EN 12467 ±10%) 1) ≥ 2 000 N/mm²
1) Value for a 20 mm board.  


Approval ETA-17/0170
Construction material class (in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1) non-combustible, A1
Application category regarding weathering effects
(as per ETAG 018-1)
Type Z1, Z2, Y, X
Construction element classification for civil engineering structures International
Tunnel fire tests in accordance with international time-temperature curves for constructions set in concrete RWS120

Dimensional tolerance at equilibrium moisture content for standard board sizes

Length, width, thickness ± 1 mm
Diagonal difference ≤ 2 mm

Dimensions in mm

Board size Board thickness
2 600 x 625 20