AESTUVER "Standard" cable ducts (fire resistance E 30/I 90 rated in accordance with DIN 4102-12 and DIN 4101-11, respectively) come as ready-to-install cable duct elements that can be directly mounted on walls or floors. The cable duct consists of a pre-fabricated bottom section and a cover made from water- and frost-resistant AESTUVER fire-protection board material. The board material has a hard, smooth and abrasion-resistant surface.

  • Fire-protection cable duct, fire-resistance rating E 30 in accordance with DIN 4102-12, designed to maintain the integrity of electrical installations
  • Fire-protection cable duct, fire-resistance rating I 90 in accordance with DIN 4102-11, designed to encapsulate the fuel source in escape and rescue routes


  • Ducts arrive on site in a ready-to-install state
  • Butted joints for simple installation
  • Prefab moulded parts are not required (they are produced on site)
  • Potential equalisation not required I E-30-rated ducts also available
    as single-cable versions
  • Primed for direct paint coating I Max. cable weight without cable
    support structure = 22.5 kg/m
  • Cross section available for cable
    installation = 34.3 cm2