AESTUVER fire-protection adhesive 1300

Noncombustible (EN13501-1, building material class A1), solvent-free water glass adhesive with mineral fillers. Universal fire-protection adhesive for sealing and bonding board materials.

AESTUVER fire-protection mastic

European-approved elastic silicone, blended with halogen-free fire-protection additives. Can be used as a sealant, filler compound or a coating material, as a waterproofing sealer for fire-protection joints in outdoor or wet environments, or as cable insulation.

AESTUVER expansion joint tape

European-approved intumescent material foam blended with halogen-free fire-protection additives for different joint sealing applications.

fermacell Powerpanel fine surface treatment

Lightweight, ready-to-use dispersion filler for full-surface covering, smoothing and filling.


Fiber-free, high-foaming intumescent material based on graphite for system components, structural elements and other fire-protection products

AESTUVER T joint cord

Intumescent material with halogen-free fire-protection additives and a flexible, moisture resistant cover hose for strengthening expansion joints in tunnel constructions while ensuring fire-protection.

AESTUVER assembling mortar

Easy-to-handle cement based dry mortar, with lightweight aggregates and fiberglass reinforcement for bonding corner joints and for repairing minor damage.